About Us

Our Story

The origins of Cavallo Moda are rooted in early Italian culture, which is embodied in the Roman horse that forms our logo.

Our inspiration is directly drawn from the Tuscan landscape with it’s umbers, olive greens, rich reds, ochres and pink blossoms that are encapsulated within our designs.

Our team of internationally hand-picked artisan designers painstakingly create each unique piece as the perfect companion to its respective collection in order to form beautifully classic and timeless lines that last beyond seasons.

about the brand
About the brand

We believe in attention to detail, creating collections of accessories that are made to last and become part of your unique personality.

Cavallo Moda is inspired by the beauty of Italian style and culture.

about cavallo moda
Our promise

We promise to offer the finest materials, integrity of craftsmanship and value across all of our products.

We hope you will cherish your purchases as much as we cherish designing and making them.

Cavallo Moda uses Italian leather, 100% Silk, cashmere and Wool.Browse our shop to find out more.